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Chatham Islamic Centre is a registered Canadian Charity (770102499RR0001) that can issue tax receipts upon request.

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Please use the following email to deposit directly.

[email protected]

Please send your full name, address and phone number for our records and for us to issue you the tax deductible receipts.

For further information, contact

Bro Rizwan Khan : +1 (519) 355 6866; Bro Amir Naveed: +1 (226) 448 3883; Bro Ahmed Amiry: +1 (226) 229 9548

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Current CIC Projects

Flyer ChathamIslamicCenter Maintenance 01Nov2021If you would like to contribute to one or more of these initiatives, see the donation details above for instructions. To fully sponsor an initiative or to inquire about any of these costs, please contact us at  [email protected] 


CIC Expenses- Utilities and Maintenance

Mosque (Masjid) expenses are the operating expenses of The Chatham Islamic Centre. Operating expenses of the CIC include but are not limited to utilities bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.), program costs, events costs, maintenance expenses, supplies and cleaning costs. Your donation to the Mosque will ensure the CIC can continue to operate and provide services to the Chatham Kent Muslim Community.


Mosque Carpet Installation

Donate a prayer space (masala) in your name or a loved one. The Sadaqah reward will keep reaching you long after you have gone each time someone prays on this space – the perfect investment for the hereafter.


Sound System Upgrade

The Holy Quran recitation and the Friday sermons in the mosque has to be heard by all the people in various locations in CIC, whether in the main prayer hall or the basement. Hence, it is important to have a better sound system that can produce a pleasant audio quality. The current sound system needs a major upgrade with new amplifier, ceiling speakers, surface mount speakers and wireless microphones.


CIC Wudu Area Construction

The mosque does not have any ablution facility and shower. A major upgrade of the ablution, bathroom and shower facilities is thus required.

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