Note: All CIC activities have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice.

Update: March 6th 2021 – Quran Halaqa/Classes


Chatham Islamic Centre (CIC) is starting a new Quran circle “Halaqa” program for Boys and Girls (Age 7 to 15). Please find details in the poster attached. This will be a Halaqa well monitored by trained and professional instructors to guide your children in reciting and learning the holy book better.

We have designed our program to be entertaining and intriguing for the participants – “Learn with Fun”. The program timing shall be split between monitored Quran recitation lessons and time for games and crafts in the CIC activity centre.

Come, let us make our kids fall in love with the Quran for their life here and hereafter.

Please join together to register in the link below for the program.
Registration Link:

The start date of the program will be announced soon. The program will be strictly conducted following Covid19 protocols and regulations per CK local public health and the provincial government of Ontario.

Click below link for the program details

Quran Halaqa for Kids

All present activities of CIC are volunteer based and are in-line with our two main objectives i.e. establishing a place of worship and the teaching of religious; cultural tenets associated with the Islamic Faith.

In Sep 2016, the CIC. rented a community common room at 4 Turquoise Court Chatham Ontario from NOVA Housing and started using this place as a temporary place of worship called a Musallah/Mosque; a congregation of the 5 daily prayers was established. This room accommodates around 25-30 persons. Musallah/Mosque is managed through a “Musallah Committee”. Under C.I.C., this location is commonly used as place of worship, regular meetings, conducting special study lectures/learning events and weekly Qura’n classes for Women, Men and Kids. Monthly rent is paid by C.I.C. by using personal donations from families living in the area or by other Muslim families living in Chatham Kent.

Religious Education

CIC formed “The Religious Education Committee” to start Islamic education courses for the community. Committee started Qura’n classes for ladies, men and kids at the place of worship (Musallah) since Oct 2016. CIC also arranged special study lectures and small Islamic learning circles.

CIC also started the Weekend Islamic school for kids of various ages. The classes of the weekend islamic school were held on Saturdays in a rented place.

Religious Education Committee also took a new initiative in Nov 2017 by forming “Youth Engagement” sub-committee. This committee will create and conduct learning opportunities for Youth by combining Islamic education and physical activities e.g. soccer, basketball, swimming.

Arabic Classes
We offer Arabic classes.

Quran Halaqa/Classes
We offer Quran Halaqa/Classes for Men, Women and kids.

Click below link for the program details

Quran Halaqa for Kids

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