About Us

The Muslim population in Chatham Kent is on the rise since 2010. Every year, more young Muslim families are moving from bigger cities or overseas to Chatham Kent to enjoy a simple and less hectic lifestyle as well as to raise their families in a very peaceful community. The Muslim community in Chatham Kent is very ethnically diverse with families and individuals from several Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan, India, Africa, China, USA, Canada, UK, Bangladesh, SriLanka, Mauritius, etc. Muslim community in Chatham-Kent needed an Islamic Centre to connect as a community. The Centre will also aid in preserving our religious and cultural heritages. In early 2015, in one of the community gatherings, it was decided to convert this dream into a reality.

The first meeting of the Chatham Islamic Centre founding members was held on July 14, 2015 at 65 Sherwood Court, Chatham, Ontario N7M 6L2 to discuss a two point agenda: i.e. establishing an Islamic centre in Chatham-Kent with a pure public benefit objective to cater the needs of the Muslims of Chatham-Kent Municipality. The Chatham Islamic Centre is federally registered in Canada as a Charitable organization (Registration Number 770102499RR0001) since 2019.

CIC Mission

      • To establish, maintain and support a House of Worship with services conducted in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of the Islamic Faith.
      • To advance and teach religious tenets, doctrines, observances and culture associated with the Islamic Faith.

CIC Vision

      • To build and establish a place of worship, education based on Islamic values that will cater the needs of all segments of  the community.

CIC first annual general body meeting was held in November 2017 with 25 members and we currently have have around 50 members alhamdulillah.

CIC Committees

      • Executive Committee
      • Finance Committee
      • Religious Education Committee
      • Mosque/Operation Committee

CIC Executive Committee

      • Rizwan Khan-President
      • Naveed Iqbal- Secretary
      • Rafi Veettil- Treasurer
      • Ahmed Amiry- Vice President
      • Mohammad Shoaib- Joint Secretary
      • Sister Tafsira Abdu- Women Representative
  • Trustees
      • Saffar Ali
      • Dr. Mahmood Rajabalee
      • Zahra El  Hussein

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